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Communication as a service

IQM Quantum Computers – (

We are creating a lot of online and offline content together with IQM Quantum Computers. Some of it is about creating a series of communication videos, writing press releases, copywriting marketing white papers and articles. We are also helping IQM with their social media dissemination.

IQM Quantum Computers – Dr Inés de Vega, Head of IP
Video designed, shot and edited by Henrikki Mäkynen
Dr. Jeffrey Chan – IQM Quantum Computers
Video designed, shot and edited by Henrikki Mäkynen

Rohde & Schwarz – (

Rohde & Schwarz wanted to make a video-based case study of their collaboration with IQM Quantum Computers. Here is the first documentary:

Rohde & Schwarz – Case Study of IQM from Espoo, Finland. The video is designed and edited by Henrikki Mäkynen. Santeri Enstedt was the main cameraman for the interviews and some of the lab shots.

Rohde & Schwarz is an international electronics group specializing in the fields of electronic test equipment, broadcast & media, cybersecurity, radiomonitoring and radiolocation, and radiocommunication. The company provides products for the wireless communications, broadcast & media, cybersecurity and electronics industry, aerospace and defense, homeland security and critical infrastructures.

Awake.AI – (

Awake.AI is a frontrunner in the field of autonomous future, deeply understanding maritime digitalization.

We have created a lot of online and offline content for Awake.AI. Some of the work has been about writing press releases, case studies, copywriting articles and offerings. We have also closely helped Awake.AI with their marketing efforts, online presence and tone of voice.

Awake.AI brings smarter port calls and improved communication for maritime logistics

Creating new brand identities

We created a new brand identity for DIOPTRA project (Sorbonne University). The brand identity project included the design of a logo and its variants, a complete website with sub pages, as well as color and font usage guideline. We also designed roll-ups, flyers and social media pages.

Dioptra is an Internet cartography research group within the Networks and Performance Analysis (NPA) team at the LIP6 computer science laboratory in Paris, France. They are located on the campus of the Faculty of Science of Sorbonne University.


Newsletters, articles, white papers, handbooks, company stories, product and service descriptions

IQM – “Leading the way to quantum business”

This is an introductory brochure to quantum computing and IQM’s product offering. Written by Henrikki Mäkynen.

“Path to European Quantum Unicorns”

Technology paper about EU’s quantum policy written for Springer – European Physical Journal. Henrikki Mäkynen co-wrote the paper with Markku Räsänen, Prof. Mikko Möttönen and Dr. Jan Goetz. (Article link here)

For over 15 years, Venimis Oy founder Henrikki Mäkynen has specialized in international marketing communication in the business area of ICT. He has also been involved in various EU-funded projects and offering production consultancy and service design projects for industrial corporations. Below you’ll find Henrikki’s LinkedIn page:

Henrikki has also written ATL and BTL commercial scripts and marketing stories for Nokia (about their products and lifestyle), Vincit (Handbook material for onboarding and about their unique company culture), Redcell (a Vincit company: about their vision and services, Gofore (about their capabilities:, IQM Quantum Computers (press releases, white papers and articles) and Awake.AI (press releases, case studies, articles and marketing papers) to mention a few.

Video animations

OneLab is making it easy for scientists and innovators to bring out standardized and safe innovations for the public. OneLab is offering testbeds for wirelessly connected innovations that can be safely tested before their release.

Venimis created the scripts and designed and produced the following video animations for OneLab’s dissemination purposes.

OneLab – Marketing video design, script and production by
OneLab – Marketing video design, script and production by
OneLab – Marketing video design, script and production by

S Group is a Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors. It has more than 1,600 outlets in Finland. S Group comprises the cooperatives and SOK Corporation along with its subsidiaries. Venimis is designing and producing multichannel marketing for S Group. Below you’ll find few samples:

You can follow the true domesticity of your purchases on S-mobiili app
Where does the food come from? You can now track the domesticity of your food on S-mobiili app
S Group offers a carbon footprint calculator in S-mobiili app. This is a tutorial video.

CSC – IT Center for Science is a Finnish center of expertise in information technology owned by the Finnish state and higher education institutions.

Venimis has created scripts and designed and produced client testimonials, education programs and video animations for CSC’s dissemination purposes for over 10 years.

CSC’s MPASSid – Marketing video design, script and production by
Avoimet Oppimateriaalit – Marketing video design, script and production by
CSC’s EMREX – Marketing video design, script and production by
CSC’s eDuuni – Marketing video design, script and production by

EUCISE – EU project

EUCISE – Video production – Communication video design, script and production by (Project:

Campaigns and communication videos:

Dare To Think The Impossible -campaign (EU) – 2013

Youth campaign for PRACE ( )

EU-wide campaign for 15-17-year old Europeans. Objective: To raise awareness for the possibilities of high performance computing in the EU-area. High level objective: To keep EU competitive in science and engineering for future generations.

In this campaign, we invented a hugely different kind of an approach from the traditional website/brochure offering. We created an addictive game called “Shooting Stars” for simulating gravitation in space via shooting planets around higher mass objects. We also integrated a supercomputing element into the game theory.

We also created an online advertising campaign to promote the game and thus the client. The advertisement/TV-spot was also disseminated European-wide for public television networks. There was also supporting material created for the campaign, such as a Facebook page and a website with interesting stories and videos about supercomputing and its limitless possibilities.

Shooting Stars Game Teaser video – Marketing video design, script and production by
Shooting Stars game for iOS and Android
Shooting Stars game for iOS and Android

Download the game:

The original idea, gameplay theory, music and programming by Teemu Teräs. Graphics design and effects by Katja Äijö.


Basware Annual Report 2017 – Communication video design and production done by


Ericsson MWC – 30.01.2012 – Marketing video design, script and production by (Client: Fjord)


BearingPoint Digimenestyjät 2019 – Venimis shot and edited a short video of an event for BearingPoint Finland.
BearingPoint – Permanent tsb client testimonial – Venimis shot and edited a client testimonial for BearingPoint Finland.
BearingPoint – Digimenestyjät 2020 event – Venimis shot and edited a short video of an event for BearingPoint Finland.
BearingPoint – Julkisen sektorin digimenestyjät 2020 – Venimis shot and edited a short video for BearingPoint Finland.
BearingPoint at SLUSH 2018 – Venimis shot and edited a short video of an event for BearingPoint Finland.

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