Organisations may have millions of items, such as social media posts, blog entries, videos, images, documents, and uploaded sound files. How to manage these? They can be organised with the MyMeedia application. In the Trusted Cloud, the UK based software company IN2 developed the secure service for MyMeedia together with the Finnish industry leader F-Secure. The new service scans the feeds and detects malicious files and links.

MyMeedia is a social media and multimedia platform. It is a publishing showcase based on feeds and your own content. MyMeedia automatically collects social media web feeds into its cloud service and manages documents and multimedia files in one place.

“From the service, hybrid collections and stories can be created and published online, effectively up-cycling the content to showcase a specific topic,” says innovation manager Alexandru Stan from IN2.

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Mymeedia is a digital stage for collecting, discovering, organising and presenting multimedia content. Customers have the control over content and a place to build collections and themes, to publish and share them. These can be embedded in any website or blog.

According to Stan, MyMeedia is a solution for companies that have difficulties maintaining both their website and social media channels up to date and engaging audiences.

“You don’t need technical knowledge to update and maintain the content. You can upload both your own content and outside feeds onto the website.

MyMeedia not only expands a normal website with social media, it also automatically controls irritating noise, such as hate speech, phishing and spam in the social feeds.

“It is a social-powered multimedia hub with a malware detection function,” says Stan.

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Trusty: the malware detection provided by F-Secure

The secure service of Mymeedia is called Trusty. It is a file-scanning and link reputation extension of the Mymeedia platform in order to make Mymeedia safer.

F-Secure provides malware detection for the URL links and files that are collected. Thus, the MyMeedia cloud service is virus and malware free. The platform ensures that the customers’ social-powered multimedia hubs are safe and secure.

Trusty’s dashboard shows if a link is malicious or a file is infected. The publishing options are automatically restricted for the items that are found to be suspicious.

“Users can access their files in a trusted manner. Trusty prevents landing on malicious sites by controlling the links in the social media posts. F-Secure informs the user whether the URLs and files are safe. Virus free files get the mark ”F-Secure Trusted Link”.

MyMeedia is connected to F-Secure’s file and URL scanning service via the F-Secure API.

“We’re very exited about the business opportunities that the collaboration with F-Secure can create for Mymeedia”, Stan explains.

Alexandru Stan on hashtag hijacking, social media and malicious files

“The categories protect customers from going to certain sites which contain adult material, hate speech, or spam. The categories also prevent customers from going to sites that steal banking credentials.”

Reputation control

Trusty application also takes actions against reputation undermining, such as hate speech, trolling, phishing and spamming.

It controls the posts if they are sent from 30 different blacklisted content categories.

“The categories protect customers from going to certain sites which contain adult material, hate speech, or spam. The categories also prevent customers from going to sites that steal banking credentials,” Alexandru Stan says.

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Hashtag hijacking is a growing concern for companies and brands.

The service functions automatically and is based on a blacklist.

“Customers don’t have to check the posts manually. The blacklist is enough, and this can be done by preselecting the categories. This prevents hashtag hijacking in social media and phishing.”

Hashtag Hijacking happens when a hashtag is used for a different purpose than it was originally intended.

“You can protect your web site from hate speech by curating the hashtag entries. This can now be done automatically for any channel (e.g. Twitter) and allows to react quickly to suspicious posts”

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