In the Trusted Cloud ecosystem, different companies and organizations make use of each other's security solutions. One of them is the Finnish company Ohmu, who manages cloud services and whose database information security is provided by the Italian Reply. Both companies are part of the Trusted Cloud ecosystem.

Presently, Internet users are constantly under threat from criminals, governments and businesses. Information security crimes are encountered daily. Criminals use targeted attacks against organizations, and traditional data security solutions are insufficient for protection against them. Individual people are constantly targeted for scams, and identifying them becomes more and more difficult.

In the Trusted Cloud project, Ohmu evaluated and deployed Reply’s new Intelligent Monitoring service, which monitors attacks and break-ins against servers worldwide. In order to improve the service, Ohmu gave anonymized log data from its own production environment to Reply.

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"We now have active security monitoring by Reply, in case of potential attacks and intrusions," says Software Architect Heikki Nousiainen from Ohmu.

"Reply’s solution is aimed specifically to monitor and secure back-end systems. Reply service makes it possible to bring an active network security control into your own system, even if you don’t have the necessary expertise in your organization. This is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. "

Nousiainen points out that the service remains always up to date and it doesn’t require the company's own resources to be committed in support services.

According to Software Architect Heikki Nousiainen, Ohmu’s and Reply’s cooperation shows that the quality grade of European cloud services can be easily improved. (See the video)

In the Trusted Cloud project, Ohmu evaluated and deployed Reply’s new Intelligent Monitoring service, which monitors attacks and break-ins against servers worldwide.

Open Source Database Systems are on the Rise

Ohmu offers database solutions for its customers. For some, Ohmu buys cloud capacity from example Microsoft Azure and operates databases on their behalf. The company mainly uses open source PostgreSQL database software. It is an alternative to commercial database systems and developed by an international community of programmers and businesses.

"PostgreSQL is a growing trend. Organizations are increasingly becoming users of open source databases. This is of particular interest to small and medium-sized enterprises for cost reasons, but these organizations do not necessarily have the necessary database expertise. Another significant customer segment is large organizations that want to automate their cloud service, or companies that want agility and speed. "

Aiven: Database as a Service

Ohmu helps its customers in planning and operating databases. Ohmu has experience in creating very large and scalable database systems with PostgerSQL database. Ohmu has commercialized its knowledge as a service called Aiven.

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Data security of Ohmu’s Database as a Service i.e. Aiven Service has been designed in co-operation with Reply.

"We produce the service based on open source products, so basically every user could do the same engineering by themselves in their own data centrers or in the cloud. We offer this same thing as a complete productized service, so that companies can focus their own resources in building the actual business value. "

According to Heikki Nousiainen, Aiven is the next generation of cloud service management databases.

"Our service is fully automated from the order to the operation. The customer can leave the management of their cloud databases to us and get a contact point for using the product. The service takes care of backups, critical software updates, as well as 24/7 surveillance, on behalf of the customers. We also automatically repair any possible error conditions in service production: for example, we replace failed server instances in case of disc damage or network errors.”

Heikki Nousiainen says that the cloud coverage by the Ohmu cloud is the best in the world.

"We offer whole range of our services in 48 locations. We are also the only service that allows for seamless moving of workloads between all of these places."

When developing Aiven, information security has been a very substantial part of the design.

"We make sure that all connections, as well as the stored data is always in an encrypted form, and that we always use the security practises based on the least privilege principle. For example, each server implements its own firewall rules and allows connections only from known sources. "

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