EIT Digital showcases annual results from innovation, business development and education activities. On the first of December 2015 in the EIT Digital’s Helsinki co-location center hosted an event in where lots of demos were presented about new retail solutions, smart cities and buildings, and innovative cloud services. Here are a few demos presented from the Future Cloud Action Line.

Future Cloud

My Data Store: An ecosystem of trusted Apps & Services

My Data Store is the Telecom Italia’s platform empowering users with collection, control and exploitation capabilities for their Personal Data. In My Data Store information are securely stored in the cloud, exploiting the technologies offered by CHINO. An APIs layer enables the easy integration of new data sources, for the fast development of “trusted” app accessing Personal Data under the control of the user. My Data Store includes advanced features jointly developed by CNR-IIT, enabling its users to control the usage of Personal Data about them by other users such as contacts with other users or transitions with business actors.

My Data Store


Security Service Level Agreements: On-demand Security-SLA enabled cloud storage protection of IoT devices

In our current IoT platform clients have no control over the security of their data when it comes to 3rd party storage. Furthermore, IoT sensor data only remains accessible within the cloud platform and it is not consumable in any other way. Hence, the goal of SICS (Swedish ICT research institute) is to enable IoT platform users to store data in a 3rd party secure storage and providing security assurance thereof. Using Security-SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring mechanisms, SICS provides this security assurance to a user. SICS implement this in the prototype by storing data in a remote cloud infrastructure, using a trusted VM, launched on an attested platform, with host-based volume encryption for protection of data at rest. Prototype was provided by Ericsson.



Social Mirror: Get insights from your Social Data

U-Hopper (UH) and Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) created two services based on Social Data, providing users with insight and statistics about their-self and their online social activities. Via stream-processing and semantic technologies UH and PoliMI are able to extract the user “social image” from Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook. These services are provided as plugins of My Data Store (the trusted data management platform provided by Telecom Italia) enabling the secure and controlled usage of these information and their combination with other data sources, to build even more added-value and profile-aware services as in inTandem App by Fluxedo, a startup of PoliMi, and UH’s product Tapoi.


Validation Manager™ : Global de facto solution for validations

Validation Manager™ is a cloud based software, which helps hospital laboratories and diagnostics companies to drastically reduce costs and increase quality in their core processes. Validation Manager™ is used to collect, analyse and report highly sensitive performance data related to diagnostics tests, and therefore the data security is critical. Finbiosoft has hardened the security of the software in collaboration with F-Secure and successfully audited it against the tightest known security criteria.


Open Source Version Controlled 3D Repository

3D RepoTM is a multi-award winning open source repository for large-scale collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the cloud. Instead of architects, engineers and stakeholders sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted online repository in order to examine, interact, share and collaborate on their projects through a mobile device.


Capture and Flink: Using Big Data in the cloud for social media monitoring as a service to our customers

Capture is a social media monitoring tool that uses a scalable underlying big data infrastructure deployed in the cloud. Tweets are streamed and processed in a variety of ways using sophisticated algorithms to calculate metrics, including sentiment and topic detection for a variety of scenarios (brand management, politics, economy, etc.). The results are delivered as services and in a rich dashboard.


Big Data visualization of installation and purchase events : interactive Big Data analytic insights

Big Data analysis is a powerful process but comes with its own challenges. Extracting relevant insights from the vast data amounts and making the results understandable is a difficult task. F-Secure, an online security and privacy company, provides software applications which can send anonymous statistics about its usage to an F-Secure Data Pipeline. This demo shows an analysis of the received data, with an interactive visualization of trends in software installations and purchases.


Pixelpin: strong security but no passwords

Using four points on your own personal picture. PixelPin technology offers the security of a strong password, replacing the need for passwords. PixelPin delivers a simple, secure authentication method without collecting your data.


Lukoton: mobile access for locking solutions and doors

Lukoton mobile access integrates with all common locking solutions and doors. It can be used to access your home, technical facilities and hotel rooms. Mobile key is never missing. It can be shared easily with your team or friends with functioning smart phone. The access can be removed instantly or limited to a certain time period. Access rights are managed on a secure cloud


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